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Cameron McMaster is of British settler stock, his ancestors having settled as sheep farmers in the Eastern Cape in 1837. His life's work has been in the sheep industry, mostly as manager of the Dohne Merino Sheep Breeders' Society of South Africa.

He is now retired from this position and works as a free-lance sheep and wool consultant in both South Africa and Australia. He is also the author of a new book entitled "Sheep In My Blood", which is a personal account of his career as a Sheepman.

During his career he had the opportunity to travel and pursue his passion for wild flowers, butterflies and birds. From an early age he has been a keen naturalist. A good portion of his early life was spent roaming the mountains in search of butterflies and plants. His energies nowadays are
concentrated on the flora of the Eastern Cape, especially the bulbs. He is also a keen photographer of fauna and flora.

Because of his intimate knowledge of the flora of the Eastern Cape, Cameron is in the unique situation to be able to offer guided botanical tours in this region. See the Botanical Tours section of this website.

Rhoda McMaster is a qualified English teacher and translator, but has always been an enthusiastic indigenous plant collector. Rhoda has recently qualified as a field guide and offers guided tours in the Overberg Region of the West Cape. See Botanical Tours.

The name of the nursery has been changed to African Bulbs and we are now situated in the village of Napier in the Western Cape, where the emphasis has changed to the production of winter rainfall species, and the supply of seed of genera such as Lachenalia, Gladioli, Moraea, Haemanthus and Nerines.

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